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Steps to Follow in Washing Your Dental Guard

Mouth guards for teeth grinding are known to be vital in protecting both teeth and gums. For your mouth guard to serve you well, you need to keep it clean. For many people, buying the right mouth guard is easy, however, when it comes to keeping the guards clean, it seem hectic. Cleaning your mouth guard is easy when you pay attention to the following cleaning tips.

When you want to keep your dental guard clean, it is a good idea to remove it every, clean it in water, shake it dry and then place it back to its case to dry. The mistake most people make is that they tend to clean their mouth guards in the beginning, however, after a while, they forget about cleaning their guards. It is worth noting that busy morning schedules can make one not get tie to clean their dental guards.

One you have used your guard, you need to rinse it water. With time the guard will start developing bacteria or plaque when not washed regularly, however, one can remove them by using a cleaner.

When you are looking for a chemical to use in cleaning mouth guards, you can choose hydrogen peroxide. The reason, why you need to use hydrogen peroxide, is that it is available in most pharmacies and groceries and its price is also affordable. The beauty of hydrogen peroxide is that it can be used for other household applications. Cleaning your mouth guard with hydrogen peroxide is easy, all you need to do is to place the guard in a glass filled with hydrogen peroxide. For ultimate cleaning, it is best to let the guard soak in hydrogen peroxide for a while, then remove it and rinse with water.

The reason, why it is vital to rinse your mouth guard using clean water, is that you will be able to get rid of any cleaning residue. Once the residues have been revived, you can shake or use a clean cloth to dry the guard.

Now that the guard is clean and dry, you need to return it in its hard case. While in the hard case, you can store it in a medicine cabinet or near your bed. If you want your guard to dry faster, it is a good idea to invest in guards whose cases have holes in the tops and bottom to facilitate drying of the dental guards.

It is a good idea to keep in mind that dental guards should not be boiled since by doing so it will lose its shape, therefore, it will have to be remodeled before it can fit in your mouth.

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