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Employee Performance Reviews and Appraisals-Guide on How to Conduct Performance Appraisals

As an entity in business, it has to be appreciated the need to conduct annual performance reviews in your organization. There can’t be found any good reason for an organization not to spare some hour’s meeting to conduct these which go such a long way in ensuring that the employees’ needs and those of the organization are fulfilled. The performance reviews do help the supervisors to have a better sense of confidence and honest in their relationships with their subordinates and feel better about themselves and their supervisory roles. It is courtesy of the performance reviews and appraisals that the subordinates as well get the assurance they need for what it is that is expected of them, their own strengths and the areas that they may need to improve on while at the same time boosting their sense of better relationships with their supervisors.

An organization that avoids performance issues will be doing itself a great disservice as this in the end results in a drop in morale, lowers the degree of credibility that the management should have from their subordinates, and the organization’s overall effectiveness will as well be affected as a result of this. It is as a result of these facts that we see the need to ensure that you have conducted a performance review and appraisal in your business at least once a year. The following are some of the things that you need to do so as to ensure that you have performed such an effective performance appraisal exercise.

It all begins with the design and the approach to the performance review. You need to ensure that you have designed such a legally valid performance review. Experts in this field will tell you that the law provides that you should ensure that your performance appraisals are indeed job related and valid and should be based on such an in-depth job analysis. Added to these, they should be standardized for all employees and not biased in any way on gender, race, color religion or nationality. Moreover, it is provided for in law that your performance appraisal should be performed by people who have such sufficient knowledge of the individual or the job for it to be valid as provided for in law. You as well should ensure that there is provided a route for recourse for an employee to get the necessary redress in the event that they happen to feel like they were dealt with unfairly in the process of the review and appraisal. This should ideally be captured in your personnel policy.

The second thing that you need to do as you look forward to conducting a performance appraisal is to have designed a standard form for performance appraisals. This form should basically include the employee’s name, the date that the performance form was completed, with dates that clearly indicate the time interval within which the employee was evaluated, the specific performance dimensions and all that may be going into the appraisal exercise. You should ensure that you are working with an approved performance appraiser for your reviews for them to be effective and valid as should be.

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