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Roles of the Church

Church is one of the communities that one feels good to belong to. This is because there are many benefits attained when one gets to attend a church. One main role the church is to spread the word and encourage people to read the bible. You must understand that not all people who know the importance of the bible and the reason they need to read it. The church goes ahead and explains to people the gains attained when one makes sure that they read the bible. One good thing with the bible is that it brings people together. This is when people come together during the bible study. During the study, one gets the chance to share their thoughts about the study and what they have learnt from it. This means that the church allows people to learn from each other during the bible study.

The other main role of the church is to love all. When you belong to a church, you feel that you are loved and wanted. This is because you tend to be a very important person in the community and you are always needed so that the church can function. What you need to understand is that when you are in great need and you need support, the church comes through. They make sure that they get to assist you in every way possible. A good example is when one has lost a loved one. The church ensures that your family has all that is needed so that you can attend to all your needs. They make sure to stay with during the difficult time as they encourage you and give you words of support. The other good thing with them is that they tend to avail their services to you family like leading and organizing the burial ceremony.

A church is best in every community for they instill good lessons and morals to people. The church does not judge at any point. They always make sure that they love and appreciate all people. When they find someone getting lost into the immoral ways, they take their time to give one the reasons why they need to do away with that kind of life. They make sure that they get to tell you the gains attained when you make sure to do away with what brings you down. When they help all these people, the community grows because most people who are involved in immoral activities never contribute positively to the community. They enable people to come together and learn how they can lead to growth. The church also ensures that they cater for those who have nothing. That is why they will take time to go on the streets and feed those who have no meals. They make sure that they go into hospitals praying for the sick so that they can be encouraged. The church gathers resources so that they can come up with homes for the homeless. They make sure that they sure to facilitate community activities such as cleaning up the areas.

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