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Pointers for Making the Most Out of Your Electric Smoker

There are many kinds of smokers nowadays but the most common are none other than electric smokers. If you own one, then you can smoke virtually all food items quickly and conveniently. But the trick to smoking food well is to know how to use your electric smoker.

Basic Parts

Upon purchasing an electric smoker, you could be tempted to immediately smoke meat. But unless you have at least basic smoker knowledge, you could be headed for a disaster. Begin by studying its parts and their functions.

Also take a look at the the manufacturer’s manual and read even the smallest details. Learn the machine’s working principle and follow every safety guideline provided.

Seasoning the Smoker

Before using your brand new electric smoker for meat, you have to season it. You can start by covering the sides, racks and top with vegetable oil.

Any inexpensive vegetable oil is good enough (don’t waste your pricey extra virgin olive oil for this purpose). Make sure that the oil cannot reach the electrical parts. Next, switch on the smoker and leave it for 3-4 hours.

You can also put some wood chips inside the provided container. By seasoning the electric smoker beforehand, you can get rid of any unpleasant odors as well as help prevent rusting.

Smoking Prep

To smoke any kind of meat or vegetables successfully, it is important to prepare the food beforehand. For instance, if you intend to smoke some meat and fish, it must be completely thawed first before you put them in the smoker. Otherwise, you will not get the best flavor. Brining or marinating is also a good way to ensure a good smoky flavor.

Electric Smoker Preparation

After seasoning your smoker, it’s time to prep it for work. All electric smokers have temperature regulators in the form of water pans.

It is important to monitor the level of water in the pan so you don’t end up overheating the grill. Never let the water dry up completely as this will overcook and over-smoke your food, which can definitely affect taste.

Indeed, an electric smoker is one of the niftiest equipment you can own, allowing you to smoke your food without the typical work and time required by old-fashioned smoking. Before using the smoker you recently purchased, read the manufacturer’s manual so you learn its proper use. This isn’t only about ensuring the best smoky flavors on your food, but also extending the lifespan of your smoker. Besides, this machine is hardly cheap, so make sure you can maximize its use.

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