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All You Need To Know About Immigration Bail Bonds

For people who are native to their countries finding your way through the legal world can be intimidating. There are bound to be misunderstandings if you are you are new to a country, and you are not a legal resident. The process is long and tedious especially if you have been arrested are required to make bail. You would then be eligible for an immigration bail bond. As long as you practice endurance, you can complete the whole process and get the freedom that you so much need at that moment.

You can post an immigration bond which is a federal bond when you have been arrested and detained by the agency of immigration and customs. This is different from being apprehended by your city or the local authorities. With immigration bods,m a person is supposed to deal directly with the federal government. The bond is set to guarantee the courts that the individual who has been apprehended and detained will come to all the scheduled court hearings.

Immigration bond processes are different from those that people are used to hearing. The first difference is that, unlike other bands that are paid to the court or jail, immigration bonds are in the form of cash bond they go directly to the Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

The second difference is that the accused party is supposed to go through a bail bondsman or a bail company that has a license to handle immigration bonds. Do your homework to find a bail bondsman who has a license as some of them do not have. Apart from the parties involved speaking different languages, the process of issuing immigration bonds is not easy since there are many offices involved and you have to work around their schedule.

Apart from finding a licensed bail bond institution to assist you with obtaining an immigration bond, you must also know the working hours of the INS and Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Because there are so many obstacles that can arise when working with immigration bonds, the money charged for processing everything is usually higher than the normal state bonds.

Comparing the regular bond and immigration bonds, charges are often fifteen to twenty percent of the bail compared to the normal ten percent of regular bail bonds. Although they are warranting the same thing a similar thing as a regular state bond, immigration bonds procedures have more hurdles and often take longer than the regular bonds. To avoid going through all these steps, get someone familiar with immigration law to assist you through the judicial process.

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