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A Guideline on How Dogs are Kept

If you have never kept a dog, you need to know some things before you start raising one. You should act as mother to the puppy in all situation if it is the one you are going to raise. You become the next leader after you have taken the puppy away from its mother even if she was the first leader. You should give the puppy some warm milk and a bed when you chose to raise it in your home. During the night, the puppy will produce some noises and to cope with such a situation, you will have to bring it close to you to comfort it. Resting is also needed by your puppies, and because of that, you should not allow it to be overplayed by your kids.

When you choose to raise a dog, you should feed it on a regular basis. The puppy should be fed more than three times a day if it is young. In the diet of a dog, you should not forget to include meat if you want to grow healthy. Apart from meat, you should include things such as cereals, dog meal, milk, clear soup, cooked vegetables, eggs and, some fats in their food. If you would like to feed your dog with bones, you should look for the ones that do not flitter. Dark soups and stews should not be fed to your dog if you would like them not to vomit or lose their appetite.

A clean and a warm shelter is the one you should provide to your dog especially if it is a puppy. During the night some floors get cold like tile flooring, and because of that you should spread some newspaper around their bed if the shelter has those flooring. You should get your dog out of the shelter after it has taken the morning meal or when the sun rises every day. You should reward your dog if it does some things in the right way if you are going to train it. Sometimes you may even massage the puppy after doing some exercises to make it feel comfortable.

Our language is not learned by dogs, but they can perceive some words as signals when trained. The best words to start with when training a dog are like yes, no, and good. As the dog grows old, it will learn other commands such as come, sit, and heel. Even if the puppies love to learn new things, they get tired easily. Gentle methods, rewards and positive language are the ones you should use when you are training a dog to obey some command. You should not punish the dog if it fails to obey a specific command when training it. Words are not understood easily by dogs like what they do on signals which is why you should use them.

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