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Types of Services of an Orthodontist

The dentist and orthodontist take care of the oral health of a person. Here are the services of an orthodontist.

Permanent teeth and baby teeth become crooked because of some reasons, but they can also grow crooked. Crooked teeth are sometimes hereditary because of genetics. When a child loses baby teeth prematurely because of tooth decay or an accident, the permanent teeth may in a slanted position instead of a straight position. The size of the jaw reduces with each generation because people continue eating softer foods as time goes by hence they do not exercise their gums. They are used to fix overbites, underbites, open bites, crossbites, or crowding. They are not like braces that cannot be removed as long as you wear them for twenty to twenty-two hours a day until the specialist advice you otherwise. They are uncomfortable at first because of the tight pressure they apply on the teeth, but their smoothness and ease in eating with them will make you get used to them quickly.

An orthodontiast is known for providing braces to patients who have misaligned teeth. The orthodontist will protect you from getting these oral conditions by correcting the tight spaces using braces to allow you to brush and floss in between the teeth. Braces also correct difficulties in speech because teeth help in speech.

The space fillers prevent other teeth from growing into the space that is for the missing tooth. Fixed space maintainers are attached using a band to one tooth, and a wire is extended to the other side where there is a missing gap to stretch and keep it open. Periodontal infections weaken the gums so that they are not strong enough to hold the teeth firmly in place.

People experience forward growth of the lower jaw even after throughout their lifetime. The width of the lower jaw shrinks as time goes by. You will destroy the bite of your teeth and your facial structure when you keep clenching your teeth. Losing a tooth makes the next teeth two moves so that they can fill the gap that has been left. Your teeth will shift if the gums do not support them securely. You need removable retainers after braces to keep the teeth from moving from their original position.

The majority of people break their jobs through accidents. Dislocation or breaking of the jaw is painful, it will restrict the movement of the jaw and will destroy the alignment of the face. The upper and lower jaw should be close to one another but if they shift the condition has to be rectified. TMD is a painful condition that may interfere with eating, drinking and speaking. The discomfort and stiffness in the upper and lower jaw that patients of TMD experience is relieved when they use jaw repositioning appliances. Find out from the orthodontic the minimum number of hours you should wear the repositioning appliance if you need to remove them.

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