Fashion is like a circle – what goes around, comes around

We use to wear clothes, shoes and hats that our grandmothers used to wear long time ago. So never be afraid to open an old closet, you can find there very interesting things to wear and be stylish!

fur_hatsHave you seen that trapper hat and russian hat, also known as ushanka are very popular in winter? It’s comfortable, warm and and trendy. Where does this trend come from? Trapper hats were traditionally used by hunters and soldiers in cold weather areas to stay warm during winter. Such hats have been known in Rusia, Germany, Scandinavia, Central Asia and in the Arctic region. They have been made from fur and had flexible earflaps. Standard ushanka has round hat crown. This type of hats was developed in the 20th century in Russia.

The first time ushanka was used during the Russian Civil War. The leader of White Russian army introduced a winter uniform hat, which looked like todays’s Russian hat. It had an extra eye flap. After the Russian army lost the war, the ushanka didn’t find much usage in a new founded Soviet Union.  But then Russia has gone through the Winter War and it was necessary to make new uniforms, which could protect the soldiers from freezing winter. So the Red Army introduced new  uniforms and hats – new ushankas with similar style. After that, such hat became very popular among soldiers. Many soldiers from Germany and other countries started to make copies of Russian hat.

Ushanka is usually made from cheap sheepskin, rabbit or muskrat fur. In the regions, like Arctic and Siberia, where the temperature is up to -70 degrees C is very important to safe ears and chin from cold.

The wearing of Russian hat or hats with similar design was common in China, North Korea, Eastern Europe, though  ushanka is a symbol and media icon of Soviet Union and Russian Federation until now. After the Soviet Union falled, first Russian winter hats were imported into the United States.

Today this hat is a part of winter uniform for military and police in many western countries. For example, gray hats are used by military and American police in United States, green hats are used for camouflage and blue hats are used by police, Post Office and navy in United States.

Nowadays such hats are very fashionable, they are sold very fast, if the winter is very cold. Designers make these hats in different patterns, colors, materials and sizes, and sells in affordable price. So today trapper hat can wear men, woman and children!

winter hatsHat shops offers a wide variety of casual and functional winter hats that will keep you warm during the cold days of winter. In a hat shop you can find any type of hat that you want: furry hat, leather hat or a rain resistant trapper hat. Designer make hats in different styles, patterns, colors, using, highest quality materials only, so that every consumer find a right hat for them.

Even in cold winter, you can look fashionable and stylish. Your casual style can be very unique, if you choose a right hat for you.

Russian hat is suitable for really cold weather. If you enjoy going to the snow or you have a long walk to work or school and you want to safe your ears from deep frost, trapper hat is just perfect for you. If you don’t want to go to the shop, you can simply order the hat you like online and get it per post with free shipping.

Trapper hat is ideal for freezing weather. This hat will keep you warm, comfortable and of course fashionable all winter long. The fur of the hat will protect your ears and head skin from cold during winter days. It would be excellent choice if you are going for a winter trip to the mountains. It will be perfect for skiing season and just for walking in city streets.

The trapper hat is a combination of style, fashion and comfort. With this hat you will never have a fear for winter storm. The Russian hat has been time-tested over centuries in Russia by very cold weather conditions, so now it’s time to try the modern collection of trapper huts and make a perfect winter outfit for yourself. Such a hat could be a perfect gift for your friend or a family member to show your care.